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Welcome to the California Native Grasslands Association!

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 California grasslands are among the most endangered ecosystems in the United States. Birds that rely on grasslands are among the fastest declining species in North America. 

Join us in protecting this valuable habitat. 

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Upcoming events

    • Friday, October 20, 2017
    • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • University of California, Davis

    Field Practices: Hands-on Restoration Implementation and Maintenance

    October 20, 2017

    Rainy-day make-up October 27th

    Following the Nuts and Bolts of Restoration workshop we held in July, this workshop will show attendees how to do site preparation, implementation, and maintenance. 

    Attendees will get to see pieces of equipment for tilling, seeding, and maintenance. We will also cover calibration of seeding implements and if allowed conduct a small burn. 

    Topics covered:

    • Soil preparation (tilling, burning) including morning talk by UC Davis Soil Scientist Vic Claassen
    • Seed selection including seed samples from Hedgerow Farms
    • Grass plug planting
    • Seed drilling and broadcast seeding using Truax equipment
    • Maintenance: mowing, grazing, burning, spraying, etc.
    Time and conditions allowed, a short visit to an existing grassland will be scheduled at the end of the day. 
    CNGA Thanks Workshop Sponsor Truax Company, Inc. 
    • Vic Claassen, UC Davis Land, Air and Water Resources
    • JP Marié, UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve
    • Patrick Reynolds, Hedgerow Farms
    • Chris Rose, Solano Resource Conservation District
    • Bryan Young, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
    Coming Soon--Event Flyer - Download and share with your colleagues. 
    Note: This workshop focuses on small to large scale restoration projects. It does not focus on landscape design, implementation and maintenance. 

    • Tuesday, October 24, 2017
    • Friday, October 27, 2017
    • Riviera Palm Springs Resort

    Join us at the Cal-IPC Symposium in Palm Springs, October 24-27

    CNGA will host the “Grassland” session at the symposium. Speakers from around the state will discuss their grassland research. 

    Grassland Session Speakers:

    • Andrea Williams, Marin Municipal Water District
    • Travis Brooks, Land IQ
    • Travis Bean, UC Riverside
    • Chris McDonald, UC Cooperative Extension

    Location: Riviera Palm Springs Resort

    Registration & Program: Conference registration fees, on-line registration and Conference Program at

    • Wednesday, January 31, 2018
    • 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    • 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference in Los Angeles

    Pre-Conference Workshop at 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference in Los Angeles

    Grass ID: You can totally do this! An Introduction to Grass Identification

    Instructors: Andrea Williams, Vegetation Ecologist, Marin Municipal Water District; Michele Hammond, Botanist, East Bay Regional Park District; Rachel Kesel, Conservation Management Specialist, One Tam

    Register at CNPS Conference Website$70 Attending the Conference / $90 Not Attending the Conference. 

    • Early registration: through October 31, 2017
    • Regular registration: November 1, 2017 – January 14, 2018
    • After January 14: onsite only (subject to availability, register before January 14 to guarantee your spot)

    The goal of this workshop is to give attendees confidence and skills to key an unfamiliar grass, and recognize key characteristics and groupings. First, a brief introduction to the ecological history of California grasslands will be offered, followed by a summary of the current status of this valuable resource with respect to weed invasion, restoration, and land use. Workshop leaders will go over important grass anatomy and associated vocabulary before introducing the grass key found in the 2nd Edition of The Jepson Manual (Eds. Baldwin et al.), as well as online resources for assistance in keying. Participants will spend some time with fresh and dried specimens, examining characters and understanding groupings of grasses to form a basis on which to build further knowledge.

    This workshop is designed for botanists, resource and range professionals, ecologists, as well as interested landscape professionals and home gardeners. Participants should have a basic understanding of dichotomous keys and plant anatomy.

    Participants will receive key excerpts and supplies to create reference specimens.

    Andrea Williams is a Vegetation Ecologist for Marin Municipal Water District on Mt. Tamalpais as well as a board member of the California Native Grasslands Association. She has worked in coastal grasslands from Northern California to Oregon off and on for 25 years.

    Michele Hammond is a Botanist for the East Bay Regional Park District in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and is also a board member of the California Native Grasslands Association. She has studied California grasslands and their ecology and management for the past 20 years.

    Rachel Kesel is a Conservation Management Specialist for One Tam. She holds a Master of Science in Conservation from University College London, where she honed her research and field skills. She loves grasses and grasslands, but then who doesn’t?

    • Thursday, February 01, 2018
    • Saturday, February 03, 2018
    • 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference in Los Angeles

    CNGA-led Conference Session at the 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference in Los Angeles

    Grasslands and Prairies

    Session Chairs: Michele Hammond and Jennifer Buck-Diaz, CNGA Board of Directors

    California grasslands are among the most endangered ecosystems in the United States and are important subjects of ecological research and experimentation. This session focuses on native grassland research and management including invasive species, livestock grazing, and restoration within our unique California grassland/prairie ecosystems.

    Register at CNPS Conference Website

    • Early registration: through October 31, 2017
    • Regular registration: November 1, 2017 – January 14, 2018
    • After January 14: onsite only (subject to availability, register before January 14 to guarantee your spot)

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Photo: Jim Coleman

We encourage you to learn more about CNGA, browse our grassland resources, and join us in supporting the iconic grasslands of California.

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