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Field Guide for Common California Rangeland and Pasture Plants 2016, with forage information on both natives and non-natives

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Tools & Guidance: Farming and Ranching 

  • Resurce Portal for Prescribed Grazing and Soil Health
  • Ranch Management Tools

Livestock grazing supports native plants and songbirds in a California annual grassland. PLoS ONE 12(6), 2017: By Sasha Gennet, Erica Spotswood, Michele Hammond, James W. Bartolome.  An 8-year study in central California finds livestock grazing can be compatible with or support grassland bird conservation. --Michele Hammond is a current serving on the CNGA Board of Directors.  

Ranchers "should increase the diversity on their pastures and avoid monocultures, especially of perennial ryegrass,"  -Jochen Krauss.

Vikuk V, CA Young, ST Lee, P Nagabhyru, M Krischke, MJ Mueller, J Krauss. 2019. Infection Rates and Alkaloid Patterns of Different Grass Species with Systemic Epichlo√ę Endophytes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology Aug 2019, 85 (17) e00465-19; DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00465-19

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